Confirmed Speakers

Alessandra Holmo
Alexandre Barragat
Alexandre Vidigal de Oliveira
(Secretary of Geology, Mining and Mineral Transformation - Ministry of Mines and Energy)
Anders Lindberg
Informationschef (LKAB)
Antonio Franciscangelis Neto
Vice-Minister (Ministry of Science and Technology)
Åsa Allan
Kaunis Iron
Bo Krogvig
Carlos Eduardo Pereira
Director of Operations - Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation
Daniel Rennó Tenenwurcel
Mining, Energy and Logistics Policy Superintendence
Daniel Silva
Dante de Matos
President - Minas Gerais Economic Development Company (CODEMIG/CODEMGE)
David Petersson
Marketing Director - LKAB
Eduardo Leão
Director at the Brazilian National Mining Agency (ANM)
Eduardo Reis Lucheta
(Director of the Senai-Pará Institute for Innovation and Mineral Technologies
Eduardo Soriano
General Coordinator of Strategies and Business - Ministry of Science and Technology
Edward Murray
CEO - Green Iron
Elisa Sohlman
CEO of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden
Elisabeth Sagström
Sio Grafen
Emil Högberg
State Secretary to Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation, Ibrahim Baylan
Enir Mendes
Director of Transformation and Mineral Technology – SGM/MME
Esteves Pedro Colnago
General Director - Brazilian Geological Service (CPRM)
Fabrício Vieira
Gert Nilson
Head of the Research and Education Department Research and development issues Strategic innovation program Metallic materials Research program Energy use of the iron and steel industry - research and development (JoSEnn) Jernkontoret
Giorgio Francesco Casare de Tomi
Prof. - São Paulo University (USP) - TECNOGREEN)
Ildiko Antal Lundin
Head of Economic Geology Division at the Geological Survey of Sweden · Mineral Resources (SGU)
Jan Gustafsson
Jan Laue
Professor and Head of Subject, Chaired Professor - LTU
Jan Svärd
CEO Easy Mining
Jenny Greberg
Programme Director for SIP STRIM and R&I director at Svemin
Jon Wingborg
Sio Grafen
Jorge Almeida Guimarães
General Director - Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation
Kaj Lax
PhD, Head of Department, Mineral Resources, Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU)
Karl Hallding
Senior Research - Stockholms Environment Institute (SEI)
Lena Alakangas
Professor Luleå University of Technology
Lena Söderberg
General Director, Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU)
Marco Antonio Zago
President of FAPESP
Maria Sunér Fleming
CEO Svemin
Mats Olofsson
Sweden’s national strategic innovation programme for aeronautics - INNOVAIR Swedish Defence Materiel Administration - FMV
Mikael Nyström
CEO Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering
Mikael Ramström
Vice President - Product Portfolio Automation & Interoperability at Epiroc
Mikael Román
Phd - Political Science and Government Independent Consultant at Target Tracker Policy & Research AB
Nelson A. Tabajara de Oliveira
Ambassador in Stockholm
Paulo Pietrobon
Innovation and Projects Director for the Bahia Startup Association - Coordinator on the Mining-Action Hub Project - Bahia Mineral Research Company - CBPM
Rafaela Baldi Fernandes
Instituto Brasil
Roger Hamberg
Susanne With
Senior Advisor at the Swedish Export Credit Agency
Sven-Eric Gustafsson
MD for Scania Mining HQ in Sweden